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FREDERICKSBURG, VA - On Monday, February 3rd, SIEHT, formerly Willis Falkenberg Eye Care will re-open the doors to its ophthalmology practice at 12 Chatham Heights Road to unveil a completely renovated and state-of-the-art patient care center.  The new office features a top of the line surgical suite for laser vision correction surgery that will be the first of its kind in the Fredericksburg area.  Thomas Falkenberg M.D., Medical Director of the practice for more than 10 years, has transferred the center’s surgical suite directly next door into what was previously the Surgi-Center of Central Virginia on Chatham Heights Road in Fredericksburg.  Steven Hudson M.D. and Shelly Hayes O.D. will join Dr. Falkenberg at this location to provide comprehensive ophthalmology and eye care services. 

 “This really is a very gratifying time for the entire staff, both personally and professionally, to finally see our vision for this center come together as it has,” said Dr. Falkenberg, “SIEHT is not just a new name for our center, but represents the culmination of our efforts to completely re-design our facilities and processes to create a highly patient-centered and personalized care experience for the community.”

SIEHT will hold an Open House later this spring.

SIEHT (formerly, Willis Falkenberg Eye Care) has provided Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas with excellence in ophthalmic services, including custom cataract surgery, laser vision correction, glaucoma care, and general eye care for over 30 years.  Drs. Falkenberg, Hudson and Hayes are proud to carry on the legacy they built at Willis Falkenberg Eye Care to SIEHT by continuing in this tradition of superior patient care. 


For more information about our new office, SIEHT, or our doctors, please contact us at 540-371-2777.

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Effective July 2, 2012 Willis-Falkenberg Eye Care reserves the right to charge a $35.00 missed or no show fee. This charge is not covered by any insurance plan; therefore you will be personally responsible for this fee. Patients or their legal guardians are expected to call the office at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to keep their scheduled appointment. Thank you.